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      Dissim Hammer Butane Lighters

      Dissim Hammer Precision Soft-Flame Lighters with Functional Safety Lock, Fold-Out Pipe Tools, and Great Textured Grip.

      The Dissim Hammer Precision Butane Lighter

      The Dissim Hammer is a tactical-grade precision butane lighter that focuses on safety, functionality, and durability. Its premium zinc alloy body construction to the smooth and flawless action of its hammer ignition system, and its functional safety lock make this you're ideal lighter for heavy-duty use. Pair that with a large capacity butane tank and large range flame adjustment and you have the only lighter you will need for your Candles, Grill, Camping, Outdoors, Everyday Carry, or Pipe Smoking.

      Hammer Lighter's Tactical Shape

      The Tactical shape gives the lighter a unique edge and surety of a firm grip and precision, then having the ability to use the thumb, the strongest finger, for ignition and control gives a unique advantage over comparable lighters.

      The Extend Barrel

      The Barrell of the lighter is pointed away from the handle and extends outward shooting the flame out horizontally making it ideal for inverted or tilted/angled use as well as traditional horizontal lighting instances without the risk of burning your hand. The Extend Barrel allows for the Hammer to have a soft flame extend from half an inch to as much as 4 inches allowing you to handle from the most delicate of candles to going full handheld flame thrower when needed.

      The Lighter can stand upright on a tabletop but is small enough to comfortably carry in your pocket as well. The Lighter also has fold-out pipe tools within the handle for those looking to enjoy its soft flame functionality. This is a premium tactical lighter that masters every lighting circumstance.