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      Dissim Inverted SOFT FLAME Butane Lighter

      Inverted Soft-Flame Butane Lighters with Dissim Original, Iconic, and Patented Design.
      2 x SOFT FLAME Lighter Bundle (unfilled)
      17 reviews $150.00 $176.00
      3 x SOFT FLAME Lighter Bundle(unfilled)
      4 reviews $199.00 $264.00

      Butane Lighters with Inverted Flame Design

      The original, iconic, patented design for a Dissim lighter solves the problem of avoiding burnt fingers while lighting upside down or at an angle. This is the premium lighter you can comfortably carry every day and use for all of your candles, outdoor, or smoking activities. The materials used on this lighter are top grade and the look matches the feel of being a certain conversation starter.

      DISSIM Butane Soft-Flame Inverted Lighters

      The Dissim original butane lighter uses a soft flame which is great for the most delicate of lighting situations. Spin the adjuster wheel and take the flame from a few millimeters in height to a few inches. Power and precision join into this sporty elegant lighter to make it functional and durable to win the title of your go-to lighter or spot in your collection.