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      The world's first lighter designed for upright and inverted use -Backed by a Lifetime Warranty -Patent-pending circle grip -Refillable -Angled flame port to direct the flame -Low temperature candle flame


      7,067 backers pledged $333,596 to help bring this project to life.

      Dissim lighter development timelineCompare Dissim Lighter to Others on the Market.Patented Lighter Circle Grip DesignInverted Lighter Details - Lifetime Warranty

      How to fill your Premium Dissim Butane Lighter

      This video will show you how to fill your Dissim lighter for the first time; how to refill your lighter after it's been used and also show you how to properly purge your lighter. This video will also show you the common mistakes while filling butane lighters and briefly discuss the best types of butane to use when filling your Dissim inverted lighter. Several close-ups will make this an intuitive and informative video on how to fill your butane lighter.


      Dissim Refillable Butane Lighter