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      Dissim Hammer Torch Lighters

      A fresh addition to the Dissim Product Line within the Hammer Precision Lighters Series is the Hammer Torch lighter.

      Hammer Precision Butane Torch Lighters

      At first glance you can see the shine of the unique high-quality finish and as the handle perfectly molds to your grip protecting your hand from the open flame while allowing for unlimited mobility.

      Thumb click the hammer-activated ignition system and this windproof beast roars to life. it is a single torch that takes precision lighting to a new level. With an XL butane reservoir and a torch that is welder grade, this is your ultimate tactical lighter that can go from a small half-inch flame to a full-on fighter jet after-burner. This lighter is tactical shaped and like the soft flame Hammer, the basic functionality is the same. Both units are activated by cocking back the hammer and have a fully functional safety lock.

      Lighter with Cigar Punch and an Ash Removal Tool

      This unit also has fold-out tools but it is a cigar punch and an ash removal tool to help you with those cigar relights. The Barrel is slightly flattened, and the side vents are larger for a more aggressive look and to accommodate the power of this torch. A new variant of gunmetal and also a Shiny Gold Color have been added to the lineup to make these lighters look as amazing as they function. Each Hammer torch is backed by our lifetime warranty. whether it is for tactical use, inverted lighting, tobacconists, or outdoors, the Hammer Torch should replace your current lighter.